Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fall and Holiday Craft Shows

With summer winding down, I've got to put on my craft show head. Kids are going back to school, and I'm spending even more time in the studio making goodies for giving yourself or your lovies. See a list of my show schedule here

Which brings me to actually doing the craft show. What to bring?? Besides the work, it's the display, and personal stuff, bookkeeping stuff- just an amazing amount of STUFF.
I thought I would share with you crafty folks my list of stuff to bring to the show- I didn't write it myself, but I've been using it since 2004, and it works well for me. (THANKS to Tony Ferguson at Aquarius Gallery- love his work and his list!) This list is really comprehensive and I have to say I don't bring everything, but it gives me alot of things to consider and I have been saved many times by having alot of this stuff on hand!
Here goes:

Promotional materials:
  • Name tag

  • "about your pottery" flyers

  • business cards

  • brochures

  • price labels

  • hangtags

  • notebook for guest list

  • signs (plus paper for making new ones)

  • the mailing list book

  • portfolio

  • stand-up plastic menu holders w/ info about your pots and for signholders

  • something nice to display your biz cards and brochures in

  • sticky notes

  • digital camera

Business materials:

  • insurance cert.

  • tax cert. and tax chart

  • fair documents


  • cooler

  • ice

  • drinks

  • finger food snacks

  • chocolate!

  • napkins/wipes

  • water

First Aid Kit:

  • vitamins

  • bandaids

  • aspirin

  • bee sting meds

  • allergy meds or regular meds

  • first aid creme

  • bug repellent

  • hand cleaner

  • wipes

  • sunscreen

  • toilet paper

Booth materials:

  • plate stands

  • cork mats

  • wood blocks for leveling shelves

  • booth components

  • fabric for table coverings

  • heavy, disposable drop cloths for covering tables

  • canope weights (empty plastic jugs to fill with water for weights)

  • folding chairs

  • small table

  • lights

  • heavy plastic tarp

  • extra booth components, bolts, screws, washers, etc

  • the tent!

  • The display shelving!

  • stakes


  • S-hooks, handy for hanging "stuff"

  • wine boxes

  • level

  • hammer

  • smoothing stone (for rough spots on bottom of pots)

  • bailing wire

  • bungee cords

  • duct tape

  • extension cord, power strip

  • scissors

  • hammer

  • teak oil

  • soft cloth

  • mini sewing kit

  • rubber hammer

  • staple gun

  • pliers

  • vise grips

  • clamps

  • picnic table cloth clamps

  • pocket knife

  • feather duster

  • ruler

  • screw/nut drivers

  • straight and safety pins

  • tacks

  • tape

  • tape measure

  • tiny bungee cords

  • twine

  • string

  • wire cutters


  • large plastic bin with cover (rain resistant)

  • handtruck w/ bungees to fit storage containers


  • startup cash and change

  • clip boards so customers can write checks on them

  • waist pouch (to keep money secure)

  • sales pads

  • calculator

  • cell phone

  • charge slips

  • receipt books

  • sales tickets in a money box

  • pens (water proof)

  • markers

  • shims for leveling booth and shelves


  • nice bags (2 sizes, small, and heavy duty large handled ones)

  • packing materials

  • bubble wrap

  • string

  • scotch tape


  • extra clothes

  • rain jacket (stuffs in small pouch)

  • comfortable shoes

  • sunglasses

  • umbrella ( for sun or rain)

  • list of items needed for fair (when ready to load up, print this list!)


  • makes a major impact on sales

  • make eye contact

  • smile