Friday, September 19, 2008

Kiln Openings are the Best

I unloaded my kiln w/ leather gloves today because I couldn't wait for it to cool. Just like Christmas! My hubby shakes his head as I run out to the garage about 40 times to check the temp, then ouch!ouch!ouch! rob a pot from the top shelf- or a few test tiles, or something to make me happy while i wait for the load to cool (and my eyebrows to grow back!) All in all, it was a good firing- I'm just getting the itch to do something new. I tested a couple of glazes that have serious possibilities, and now new forms and ideas are swimming around in my head. I'm actually considering changing to white clay for awhile- for the first time in 20 years of pots- white clay. What keeps me from actually doing it is the thought of cleaning LOTS of dark brown clay off of everything. The saving grace is that I would most likely use dark, transparent glaze that breaks, so any brown marks on the clay wouldn't show too much. Honestly, I'm also considering combining both my dark brown with the long as both clay bodies get along. ..oh, the possibilities !