Thursday, June 30, 2011

This is my latest, and best, barrel fired pot to date. I fired it while working with some kids at Camp Asbury. I usually use primarily salt and miracle grow in newspaper saggars, but this time I used some commercial fertilizer pellets that they had on hand at the camp. I'm really pleased with the results. The pot is now in the student/faculty show at Valley Art Center.

I had some crackling and peeling of the terra sigillata- so I intend to change my recipe and try applying it thinner. Also, there is a bit of salt scumming on the surface of the pot. Too much salt?
The color, though, is right where I want to be.

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Laura said...

Hello. I have just known your blog and I find very interesting your research in barrel firing. I am doing some experimentation in alternative firing techniques too. Once I've also had problems with salt efflorescence because I put a lot of salt into a pit: the pots got that scum that you refer in your post. I almost removed it completely after washing the pieces several times. I also use a clay sealed in order to avoid the salt to scum again, although in some pots it did not work.

Have you tried to use seeweds as well?

best regards